If you were to go to Belgium and ask a local what they usually have for breakfast the average person would say something like: “een boke me choco”. In english that would be a sandwich with some nutella spread.

This cute restaurant, Tartine, revolves around those sandwiches hence the name (which means slice of bread in french). Obviously, I had to go there and see what it was all about which is what me and my friends did today.

Deciding what to eat was so difficult because I wanted to try everything on their menu but I decided to go with the chicken tartine. This sandwich was absolutely delicious although I didn’t read the menu properly and overlooked the fact that the dressing was spicy. It was definitely the biggest sandwich I’ve ever had! I also tried their caramel latte and homemade lemonade. Both of the drinks were really good even though the lemonade was a little bit too minty for my liking.

Overall I highly recommend paying a visit to this restaurant because it’s very unique and you will definitely find something you like on their menu. If you would like to see more of this restaurant go check out my friends’ blogs:



facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tartine.antwerpen/timeline

xxx- Zoë

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