Duo taste test: Momade Cupcakes


made by Sarah Kafif

My lovely friend Sarah and I have come up with a new concept called Duo Taste test where we review restaurants together.  The first place we went to is a cupcake shop called Momade cupcakes.


I tried two of their cupcakes: an oreo-cookie one and a chocolate-raspberry one. The oreo-cookie cupcake had a delicious oreo cream cheese frosting and it tasted very sweet. The chocolate-raspberry cupcake had an actual raspberry on there which was a real plus! It was my favourite out of the two because I am obsessed with chocolate.


The girl who worked there was really kind! She was kind enough to explain what was in the different cupcakes which was very nice.


The shop looked really nice because the walls were all white and there was a marble counter. It looked really crisp and clean!

Definitely go try one of their many cupcakes because they are amazing! Go have a look at Sarah’s review too to see the cupcakes she tried.

Address: Reyndersstraat 37, 2000 Antwerp

xxx- Zoë

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