Duo taste test: Bia Mara

A while ago Sarah and I went to this lovely restaurant called Bia Mara to put it to the test. This fish and chips restaurant serves the classic British dish with a twist: instead of using the old cod they like to use as many different types of fresh fish as possible. Bia Mara also tries to as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.



Since this was a fish and chips restaurant, I obviously had to try them (they do have other dishes) so I went for the classic panko with Seaweed Salted Chips and Homemade Tartar Sauce. Let me tell you, I’ve never actually had fish and chips but this dish was absolutely delicious! Everything was cooked perfectly and it all went really well together. I also tried one of their homemade lemonades which tasted really good so I would definitely recommend trying one! Sarah tried one of their vegetarian dishes so go and have a look at what she though of it on her blog!


The service was really good as well; when I asked one of the waitresses about the concept she kindly explained everything to me and she was happy to help us pick what to eat.



The interior might have been one of my favourite things about this restaurant. I loved the fact that it looked very plain and simple but they added nice touches to it. The copper lights might have had a slight impact on my opinion though.

Overall Sarah and I really really loved this place and we are definitely going back to have some more delicious food! If you want to go try some fish and chips yourself (which you totally should), you can have a look at their website or  facebook page.

Address: Maalderijstraat 1, 2000 Antwerpen


To read my review in dutch: https://zoecnaepkenss.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/bia-mara/

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