Duo taste test: Glow

There is a new coffee bar in the centre of Antwerp called Glow, which stands for Generosity, love, openness and wisdom. The coffee bar is run by a lovely couple that moved to Antwerp to live their dream of owning their own coffee shop. Of course Sarah and I had to go and see what it was all about!


On the menu you can find breakfast, different types of sandwiches and of course some sweet homemade treats. I had one of their chocolate chip cookies and a latte star, which had whipped cream, oreo-crumble and caramal in it. The coffee was absolutely delicious and it looked very tasty as well so I definitely recommend trying that one!


The service was incredible! The lady who owns the place was very chatty and was more than happy to tell Sarah and I how Glow came about. She makes every customer feel right at home!


If I had a coffee bar, I would decorate it exactly the way glow did. It looks so spacious and light but they still added some personal touches. Her sister handwrote the menu and there are little frames on the wall that say generosity, love, openness and wisdom. A fun fact is that the staircase is actually from the 19th century.

Make sure to pay a visit to this coffee bar for a nice chat and a cup of delicious coffee!

address: Melkmarkt, 40, Antwerpen



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